The remodeling experts at Superior Exterior puts the experience gained from 4,582+ successfully turned-back homes in each job you receive.

Each member of our team is a master at a particular skill, so you get the combined force of our individual ‘know how’, understanding of the latest housing codes, and our customer-centered services in your Houston home remodeling project.

Competitive Edge. At Superior Exterior, we attend to the details of your remodeling project, tell you what’s possible to help you avoid unforeseen problems down the line…making each remodeling service that you receive better than the last, without unexpected costs – and better than our competitors. All supervisors and each member of our crew are always accesible to each other via cell phone when we work. People trust the work ethics of the Superior Exterior crew, who are family-centered people that care about our customers.


“I remodel homes using the same level of detail and quality
that I would like to receive if someone
were doing a job for me.

–Dan White, Owner of Superior Exterior

Dan White has 20+ years experience working in the home remodeling and construction industry. He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to remain current on the numerous yet changing housing codes and ordinances relating to the home remodeling industry.

Dan received a degree in Construction Practices from San Diego State.

To demonstrate the level of fine detail and creativity that he brings to each project, he was responsible for fast sell of many houses using his one-of-a-kind upgrades and home design ideas.

Dan knows the home remodeling and construction process so well that he even once built a home for himself by providing instructions over the telephone.

To contact Dan, please use the email contact form.