Gallery of Before and After Photos

Curious about the work that Superior Exterior has done? Well, wonder no more. Click through as the before and after photos below tell the whole story:


In this photo,  the kitchen is cut-off from the living room by a wall, preventing the possibility for entertaining and conversing as meals are prepared. Afterwards, you can see the wall removed. The kitchen was also upgraded with a new marble-top island greatly opening up the kitchen to guests.



Before, a counter took up dining room space. The homeowner wanted to enlarge the formal dining area to liven up the area. Afterwards, the counter was removed and the dining area upgraded with new decorative features and paint.



Before, the bathroom previously lacked windows. The cabinetry also took up space that could be enlarged with additional features. Aftewards, a window was installed, along with a new tub and glass-walled shower. Both greatly enhancing the airy, dreamy feel of the new bathroom’s look.



And, finally, the same bathroom was further updated elongating and opening up the bathroom’s living spaces.


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