Superior Exterior's Story

Dan White founded Superior Exterior on April 15, 1992, when he decided to apply his eye for detail and creativity inside the construction industry. At Superior Exterior, we manage every aspect of your remodeling project. We show you how your home can look during the design phase, and we make recommendations to prevent problems during construction. Our approach to home remodeling reduces the possibility of extra costs while ensuring the work meets your expectations. All supervisors and crewmembers stay connected during your project to ensure that we remain on schedule. Our family-centered team cares about our customers.

Meet the Owner: Dan White

"I remodel homes using the same level of detail and quality that I would like to receive if someone were doing a job for me."
– Dan White, Owner of Superior Exterior

Dan White has 30-plus years' experience working in the home remodeling and construction industry. He earned a degree in Construction Practices from San Diego State. He has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education courses to stay updated on changes to home remodeling codes and ordinances.

To demonstrate his focus on fine detail and creativity, Dan was responsible for the fast sell of many houses using his one-of-a-kind upgrades and home design ideas. He is so well-acquainted with the home remodeling and construction process he once built a home for himself by providing instructions over the telephone.